Who We Are

We provide reliable managed IT services to businesses at reasonable prices. Our goal is to keep your network and computers running smoothly while giving you a set price that you can count on, with no overages.

Our Method

We focus on four points for IT systems. Security, Stability, Scalability, and Service. If you have these, everything else falls into place.

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We offer a variety of services focusing on Managed IT & Consulting Services, Security, and Cloud to meet the needs of your business.

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  • An Introduction to Read-Only Memory (ROM)

    An Introduction to Read-Only Memory (ROM)

    Random access memory (RAM) isn’t the only type of physical memory attached to your computer’s motherboard. Whether you own a desktop or laptop, it probably has read-only memory (ROM) as well. Unlike RAM, ROM doesn’t affect your computer’s performance. With that said, it’s still a …Read More »
  • Resident vs Non-Resident Computer Viruses: What’s the Difference?

    Resident vs Non-Resident Computer Viruses: What’s the Difference?

    Defined by their ability to self-replicate, computer viruses are a serious concern for businesses. If one of the computers connected to your business’s information technology (IT) infrastructure becomes infected with a virus, it may spread to other connected computers. The virus will essentially replicate itself …Read More »
  • What Is Browser Hijacking?

    What Is Browser Hijacking?

    Whether you use the internet for recreational or commercial purposes, you should take precautions to protect against browser hijacking. While some forms of browser hijacking are simply a nuisance, others pose a serious risk to your privacy as well as the security of your devices. …Read More »
  • The Purpose of Windows Dump Files and How They Work

    The Purpose of Windows Dump Files and How They Work

    Have you ever encountered the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) when using a Windows PC? While Microsoft has vastly improved its Windows architecture in recent decades, the operating system isn’t immune to technical- or software-related problems. If Windows encounters a serious problem, it may …Read More »
  • What Is Windows S Mode?

    What Is Windows S Mode?

    Windows 10 is the latest generation of Microsoft’s long-running PC operating system. You may discover, however, that some desktops and laptops run a special version of it. Known as S Mode, it’s designed to improve security and performance, though it comes at the cost of …Read More »