Why You Should Utilize the Cloud for Business

It’s faster, cheaper, and easier than ever to utilize the Cloud to help run your small to medium business. Cloud capabilities are quickly making traditional in-house server rooms obsolete. Server crashes may soon be a thing of the past (along with all the headaches they cause), and with options like Microsoft Azure and Office 365, you’ll be wanting to make the switch to the Cloud too!

Azure is a cloud environment that can host your servers virtually with custom specifications and configurations based on your business needs. Office 365 is a cloud-based service that includes a variety of Office applications that will always auto-update so you have the latest and greatest version available, letting you take care of business, regardless of where you are.

Are there Perks to Using Office 365?

Absolutely! The MANY perks to using Office 365 include: Scalability, Collaboration, and Mobility. Let’s take a quick peek at each one…


  • Office 365 is structured to adapt to your business’s growth.
  • Adding and removing users is a cinch.
  • increasing storage capacity is a breeze, so no matter which way your business grows, Office 365 moves effortlessly along with you.
  • Bonus perk is knowing that you won’t be stuck with paying too little or too much for what you’re using. 


  • Office 365 applications are designed to collaborate with each other, making it easy for coworkers to navigate around different files.
  • Co-creating, co-editing, and sharing updates with your colleagues is instant so there’s no downtime waiting for a file to download!


  • All of the components of Office 365 are accessible via an app,
  • Regardless of what device you’re logging in from, or where, accessing your work is just a click away.

How Do I Know If Office 365 is Right for My Business?

Truth is, you’re probably already using some parts of Office, so a transition to Office 365 would likely be a smooth transition.

The next question might be WHEN to transition over to Office 365? Most companies tend to make the switch when it is time to replace their Exchange server, as Microsoft has stopped supporting the Exchange Server 2010. Plus, once you’ve migrated over and updated to the newest version of Exchange, you’ll ALWAYS be using the latest version of Office 365!

Of course, we always recommend meeting with your IT Consulting Service before making any changes to your current set-up, as you’ll want to be sure to have Office 365 tailor-made to your business’s specifications.