As an industry, manufacturing focuses on efficiency. We can help you implement automated and hardened solutions that compliment your manufacturing environment.


Healthcare is a difficult industry.  At Logix Consulting, more that 25% of our customers are in healthcare. We understand your unique challenges.


Running a profitable law firm is dificult.  We can help reduce the overall cost of IT in your environment. 


Your team needs fast networks… whether that is a file share, connectivity between offices, or systems that are capable of supporting your applications.

Professional Services

Your workers have skills with a high value, the infrastructure needs to enable them to server customers and keep your revenue growing.  We understand this and can help you enable your employees.

Finance and Insurance

Your fiduciary duty to your customers means that there are minimums for your IT solutions.  Protecting customer data and personal information is required.  We can help you do this at at a reasonable cost.